Holiday in idyllic tranquillity

    Finally take a break, enjoy the holiday and relax. The Lake Resort is perfect for this, since the idyllic location in the heart of beautiful countryside make this location a very special “little place on the lake”.

    Nature and tranquillity

    This is the right place for those who appreciate nature and avoid mass tourism. The Lake Resort stands for natural recreation and special charm. The holiday destination is embedded in the natural reed belt of Lake Pressegg on both sides. The resort has no adjoining tourism businesses and is therefore peacefully situated.

        Free space and privacy

        The 15,000 m2 apartment complex offers spacious open areas and thus plenty of privacy. Those seeking tranquillity will find it here – not only in the large apartment but also in the entire Lake Resort. Everyone finds their own personal favourite spot here.

        To each his own hiding place

        Several little “corners” can be found here, in which one can take a personal break. While one person may set up their lounger at the far end of the meadow and read a book, another person may prefer to sunbathe on their own balcony. On person may relax on the hidden lake terrace of the SPA, another may grab a boat and enjoy the waves in the middle of the lake.